Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Home Directory Management Agent

UPDATE: This MA is written in the now deprecated XMA framework. If you're using it, you may have to replace it with an update in the near future. Let me know if you're using it and if there is enough demand, I'll have a look into building a newer version in ECMA2.

I'm very pleased to announce that my (Home) Directory Management Agent has been released in initial version.

The Directory Management Agent is extensible management agent used to physically manage user’s home directories or other (create / move / remove) by calling customizable scripts for each operation and it will update home directory information on the Active Directory user object accordingly when scripts have executed succesfully. You'll be able to write the scripts in the scripting language of your desire (I prefer PowerShell).

This version is currently in final production testing at a few of my customers. You can find the downloadable here.

Please read through the documentation enclosed in the kit for guidance on how to install and configure. Also, there are sample scripts included. I would very much like to get some feedback if you test this out in your environment - and please help spread the word to those "in need".

Happy hunting... oh, and scripting...

Please let me know if you use it and what your experience is; any news, good or bad are very welcome.

The released version is as-is, however, you can contact me for details on support options if this is required for your setup.


  1. Remember to "Unblock" the zip before extracting the files otherwise you need to unblock every single file.

  2. I and Soren found out yesterday during troubleshooting that if you set the Run Profile on Export to Create a Log File. It will not execute the export scripts.

  3. Any chance you can post the Home Directory MA again as it hasn't been available for a few week?


  4. @Dan. Sorry. The broken link is now fixed. Please let me know any bugs / feature request so I can improve the Management.

  5. Can you post it again, it appears the skydrive link expired.

  6. Here is a fresh link. http://blog.goverco.com/2012/06/directory-management-agent-12-released.html

  7. it is giving following error "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist."

  8. Hi Soren,

    Can you kindly provide me the downloadable link

  9. There is no other download link than the one in the blog post (http://bit.ly/RysD4W) - it refers to Dropbox, so make sure that you can access www.dropbox.com.

    I can't do more than that...