Tuesday, January 17, 2012

PowerShell Management Agent 2.0

I'm pleased to annouce that a version 2.0 of my (apparently popular) PowerShell Management Agent is released.

The old version only supported exports, but this new version also supports imports (only Full Imports) giving you the option to do a lot of data source interaction in pure PowerShell. You can read much more about the inner workings of the Management Agent in the documentation included in the downloadable.

You can find the binaries and documentation here.

If you have feature requests or find bugs, please let me know.

The released version is as-is, however, you can contact me for details on support options if this is required for your setup.


  1. When I configured this as an MA and ran it, I get the following error from FIM (in the Application Log):

    The management agent "Test PoSh MA" failed on run profile "Export" because a configured extension for this management agent could not be loaded. A required dependency was missing.

    In FIM, the Status is "stopped-extension-dll-missing-dependency"

    Any thoughts?

  2. Hi, Jon

    Did you manage to resolve this? Any other hints in the eventlog or similar that is more elaborate?

  3. No, I have not managed to resolve this as of yet, I am pretty much dead in the water.

    Is your code calling out or including anything at all that I should verify?

  4. Drop me a line at soren(at)granfeldt.dk; we could do a quick TeamViewer sessions since I'm interested to know any problems.

    Dumb question; you have installed PowerShell on the FIM box, right? And the Granfeldt.PowerShell.ManagementAgent.dll is in the Extensions folder?

  5. Hi, Jon

    There was a DLL version issue. This has been fixed so please try new version (re-download). Sorry about your wasted time trying to troubleshoot this - hope this version works out for you...

  6. I get a blank page when I click the here link... Soren is there an alternate location to download?

  7. Hi, Will

    There should be an updated link here http://blog.goverco.com/2012/05/powershell-management-agent-updated.html