Saturday, January 16, 2016

MIM WAL released to GitHub

Microsoft has released their FIM/MIM WAL to GitHub.

The MIMWAL is a Workflow Activity Library (WAL) solution for configuring complex Workflows in the Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) 2016 and Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 R2 solution.

The library is a powerfull activity library to enable you to do things / workflows with the FIM/MIM Service that the out-of-the-box library doesn't do. One could wonder why some of these activities was not part of the FIM/MIM product it self since they are necessary to do real-world implementations (in my opinion anyways).

For that same reason (having a flexible activity library), a few years back, I created a similar workflow library and released it to CodePlex. That library is not quite as extensive as the MIM WAL but the two libraries most certainly have their similarities. And some of my activities take a slightly different approach but you may find that combining or interchanging the activities will get you even further. One of the activities that a lot of people find useful in my library, is the Code Run activity that allows you to run C# code in a workflow.
I'll keep maintaining my library as long as I see activity, interest and uses for it - or maybe I can persuade Microsoft to join force and may combine the two libraries, but that remains to be seen :-)

You can check my library out on CodePlex here -

You should most certainly put MIM WAL in your arsenal so go find it here -

Monday, December 14, 2015

PowerShell MA now on CodePlex

Today is a big day...

For a lot of years, I've been maintaining the Granfeldt PowerShell Management Agent for FIM and MIM. This MA was build for during FIM project that I did many years ago and some of the efforts put into building this MA was sponsored by the customer ... and therefore I was not allowed to release or distribute source code for the MA.

Many people have asked me for the source code for the MA - and now I'm happy to announce that I have released the ever so popular PowerShell MA to CodePlex. So head on over to and have a look. The current release is the same as you have been able to download from my blog.

Now that I've moved the code to CodePlex, I'll be shutting down the pages for the MA on my blog and start to maintain documentation and code on CodePlex.

I'd love to get sample scripts from all of you and make them available for download on the CodePlex site.

Thank you all for the kind words about this MA over the years - and I hope for your continued support after the move to CodePlex. I would just looove a review from you for this MA, so head on over to CodePlex and write up a small review.

Thank you,

Saturday, December 12, 2015

MIM2016 hotfix out (build 4.3.2064.0)

Microsoft just gave us a pre-Christmas gift in the form of a hotfix for MIM 2016 which has just been released. Pop into the link below and read the release notes to see if any fixes applies to your environment.

As always ... don't forget to backup before applying patches...

Merry Christmas

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Generic SQL Management agent released

Today is a big day for me...

For a long time now, I've wanted to build a new SQL Management that could do more than the built-in SQL Server Management Agent that you get out-of-the-box with FIM and MIM. And, finally, I have done just that.

It is here....

By using this generic Management Agent for SQL, you can synchronize almost any type of information with SQL Server tables - and now you can finally do deltas as well ...and hold on, you can run stored procedures against the tables as part of your synchronization import and export schedules. All these tings combined should give you the options to make some awesome solutions with FIM/MIM and SQL.

The MA have a lot of features that are needed for a modern FIM2010 or MIM2016 setup, including -
  • Full and delta imports
  • Delta and full exports
  • Can keep and revive deleted information / rows
  • Can execute pre- and post import/export Stored Procedures
The schema is very flexible and is generated based on the database tables definitions. A refresh of the schema for this management agent rediscovers the schema and you can override the structure in different manners using a configurable XML data.

I really hope that you make use of this MA and please let me know if there are any issues as this is the initial release - and I'll try to fix any issues as soon as possible.

You can get it on CodePlex from this URL -

Go it a go when you can...


Sunday, November 8, 2015

Minor update of PowerShell MA released

I've released a minor update for the PowerShell MA. The build number for this is and the build is compatible with earlier 5.5 releases so you should be able to just replace the .DLL in the Extensions folder of your installation

NOTE - the MA now requires .NET Framework 4.5.2 to run, so please make sure that you have that installed on your Synchronization Service server.

The big news for this version is that I have added support for Write-Debug, Write-Verbose, Write-Progress, Write-Warning and Write-Error in your scripts. Any information from these commands will go into the trace log and  any information from Write-Warning or Write-Error will also go into the event log on your Synchronization Server for you to monitor and react to.

Also, all scripts will now receive an extra parameter of type PSCredential that hold the username and password configured on the MA. This is handy for you to use in your scripts. You will still get the username and password as separate parameters.

This version contains these changes -

  1. Added support for Write-Verbose/Debug/Progress/Error in scripts.
  2. Changed PowerShell host to use PowerShell instead of RunSpace to remedy memoryleak in System.Automation.dll if using RunSpace.
  3. Optimized import code to be more responsive after script returns.
  4. Also, added support for control values naming to no longer being case-sensitive. 
  5. Added additional parameter to all scripts to pass a PSCredential object for use in scripts.Simplified logging information for import objects.

As always, I've tried to test this version, so hopefully there are no big issues. Please do let me know if you find anything.

Go find the new version in the download section for the PowerShell MA.