Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Updated the FIM2010 R2 Codeless Provisioning Framework

Lately, I found myself using my old codeless provisioning framework more and more to simplify the different FIM2010 R2 installations that I'm involved in.

The reason seems to always be that I can create some very simple rules that react to basic data generated either in datasource or through simple workflows done in the FIM Service. This keep my FIM setup fairly simple and without a lot of Synchronization Rules (SR's). I typically only have a few approval workflows but a lot of data manipulating workflows which allows me to present very clean data to the Synchronization Engine and make use of my own codeless provisioning framework. Lately, a few of my customers has also taken a like to this framework and find it very simple when adding additional MA's to their setup; and they are using now as a more flexible alternative to Scoped Synchronization Rules.

Anyways, enough ramblings - this blog entry was mostly to inform you that I released a new version of the FIM2010 R2 Codeless Provisioning Framework on CodePlex. I also updated the documentation to match the current release. One of the new features that I really missed in the older version was the ability to do conditional renames, i.e. when a user status changed to 'left' I wanted to move the user to a different OU without caring about provisioning. This is now possible with this release as you can have one or more 'rename' rules that are conditional.

Check out the new release on CodePlex and let me know what you think.

Happy Holidays.