Friday, September 14, 2018

Powershell MA version released

Glad to announce that the Powershell MA has a new version out. It's has been a while since the last release since there has been no reports of bugs or any feature request lately, the previous version seems to be pretty stable.

This new version hasn't changed all that much and there are no breaking changes either. It has, however, a new feature that I personally have missed from time to time; an extra parameter $Schema is added to the Import and Export scripts. And as you may have guessed, it is an PSObject that describes the schema for the particular MA. Having this information allows you to build a little more dynamic into your Powershell scripts used with the PSMA.

Also, a litte logging / tracing bug has been fixed. It is something, you may not have noticed but now it is fixed. It has to do with how the PSMA catches Write-Warning and Write-Error output from your scripts. Remember, you can set your $WarningPreference, $ErrorPreference and other preferences such as Verbose and Debug in your scripts and have the PSMA pick up any output from these statements and output to the Trace log.

Anyways, give the new version of the MA a spin and let me know if you can how it goes.