Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Granfeldt PowerShell Management Agent

UPDATE: September 11, 2012 - Find new version here http://blog.goverco.com/p/powershell-management-agent.html

I'm pleased to announce that my PowerShell Management Agent has been released and is available upon request.

The Granfeldt PowerShell Management Agent is a diverse Management Agent (MA) that can be used for many different purposes. Basically, any task that can be done in PowerShell can be triggered through this MA, making it very flexible and a regular hybrid MA.

The MA is built using the Extensible Management Agent (ExMA) framework provided as part of the Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (FIM 2010) product. Upon request, a version can be made available Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 (ILM 2007).

The Management runs as an export-only Management Agent that allows for a PowerShell script to be run for each object that is provisioned to the Connector Space (CS) of the Management Agent. The name of the PowerShell script to be run must follow each object when it is provisioned in the attribute named ScriptFullPath. The script will run on add, modify and delete of objects in the CS.

By using traditional provisioning code or Synchronization Rules in FIM, you can provision new instances of objects for which to run scripts.

The following shows an example of a CS object being passed to the script –

Id: 464286ED-5F81-4A82-8172-EA1549AC0901
ScriptFullPath: C:\Scripts\Manage-HomeDirs.ps1
uid: User1
displayName: Test User1

When this object is exported to the script, the actual PowerShell script command line will be –

C:\Scripts\Manage-HomeDirs.ps1 –DN 464286ED-5F81-4A82-8172-EA1549AC0901 –Id 464286ED-5F81-4A82-8172-EA1549AC0901 –ObjectClass person –ModificationType Add –ChangedAttributes uid, displayName, homeFolderRoot –uid User1 –displayName “Test User1” –homeFolderRoot \\fs001\HomeFolder

If you'd like to receive a version of the code for testing purposes, please drop me an mail on soren@granfeldt.dk; please let me know if you are using ILM 2007 or FIM 2010, so that I can get the correct version to you.

The MA is also available for purchase; please contact me for price and details.