Monday, October 19, 2015

New version of FIM.MARE

I'm happy to announce that I've released a new version of my Rules Extension framework called

The framework enables FIM and MIM administrators to, declaratively, create advanced flow rules with a wast number of transform functions and even conditions (scoped rules) for FIM2010 R2. This framework can in many installation be used as a replacement for Synchronization Rules (SR's) or as a supplement to these by using the FIM Synchronization Service to setup the advanced rules.

This new version has a lot of new features and is stable (I'm already using it at several installation instead of SR's). It even has the ability to load your own existing classic rules extension (.DLL's), thereby letting you reuse your own code - and of course, also in that way, open up the framework so you're able to write your own code if the flow rules are too complex to construct with the framework functions and features.

Let's help the children this Christmas

If you use this framework or any of my other frameworks, please consider a small donation to support my Christmas 2015 quest to donate to Unicef. Use this link to read more about it and maybe donate/support.

You can find FIM.MARE on CodePlex.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Let's help the children this Christmas

Christmas is approaching and this year I'm going to try out something again as I did in 2012...

All donations received at this blog will go uncut to Unicef. A lot of people are directly or indirectly helped by this organization and I'm hoping to get your support to make a small contribution this year.

I hoping for a donation from you or your company, if you're using any of my free projects for your FIM or MIM installation -

  1. My PowerShell Management Agent
  2. My Workflow Library for the FIM Service
  3. My Codeless Provisioning Framework for FIM2010R2
  4. My Rules Extension Framework for FIM2010R2
  5. My MARunScheduler

Donate as little or as much as you can - even very small donations (a few dollars) will help the cause - and I'll make sure to include your name in the letter that will accompany the check for Unicef - no matter the amount.

I'm hoping for your support by Christmas / December 21st, 2015 - and thanks to all of you who have already donated. I will, through my company, also by adding an amount to the donation by Christmas.

You can find the donation link (through PayPal) in the right section of this blog.

Thank you so much...

PowerShell Management Agent 5.5 refreshed

I'm happy to announce that I have released a refresh of the popular PowerShell Management Agent for FIM2010R2 (and yes, MIM2016).

This version is a code-refresh with a few bug fixes and a few additional minor features and I'll try to list them below -

  1. The setup program is gone and has been replaced by a PowerShell script. This should allow you to better control updates. The steps performed by this installation script are exactly the same as the old setup program did
  2. The entire logging feature has been replace by tracing. This means that you can now use DebugView from SysInternals / Microsoft or similar to view actions from this MA. The old logging mechanism is no longer included and has been removed from the MA. The information logged by the MA has also been reviewed and extended to allow better debugging.
  3. All errors from the PSMA are now logged to the event log. This does, however, require that you create an explict event log source. You can see in the Installation documentation how to create this.
  4. A parameter called 'ExportType' is now available to your export scripts. This allows you to determine in the Export script, whether it is a normal (Delta) or a Full Export that is being performed.
  5. A potential, however unlikely, looping condition in the import function has been fixed and also better memory handling / cleanup has been introduced.
  6. General optimization of the code has been done.

This version should be directly compatible with the build that has been out for more than a year. To upgrade, you should be able to download and just replace the DLL in the Extensions folder of your FIM Synchronization Service installation.

As always, I'm very thrilled that this MA is so popular and I want to keep it as current as possible, so please send me information on any bugs that you may find. However, I ask you kindly to not expect free support. For support questions, please use the FIM2010 forum on TechNet where I know that a lot of experts are ready to help and, yes, I do answer questions there whenever time allows.

Thank you for your continued support.