Monday, March 8, 2010

Bug in FIM 2010?

Update on this:
Just an update on this; word has it that there is a hotfix being tested right now and it should be released by the end of January 2011.
I may have found a bug in FIM 2010. I'm synchronizing usernames from my HR system all in uppercase, however one of my users have been previuosly created through the FIM portal with a lowercase username / accountname. Now when I export the uppercase username to FIM, I get an Export Statistic that says that it went okay. However, doing a confirming import, I get the lowercase username back resulting in an exported change not reimported error? I've doublechecked my rules for any function or similar that might affect this but didn't find any. And now I'm seing this with an email address that have been changed from mixed case to all lowercase.

Have anyone else tried this and got an 'exported-change-not-reimported'?

I'll try to go through my usual "inside" channels and report this possible error.


Søren Granfeldt said...

An update for this post; the problem even occurs just using the portal. Just changing casing and nothing else on a string value, i.e. mail, will not be committed to the database.

Brjann Brekkan said...


Changing case or adding a space is not commited to the database and you will get the error on confirming import. Workaround is to set to a different value and then back. This will be adressed in an update for FIM 2010 that will be available on Microsoft Update.

I encourage you to submit bugs on FIM 2010 through the FIM program on or discuss issues and configuration on our Technet Forum on