Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Report of pending exports

A customer of mine recently requested a report of pending exports before they wanted to put FIM into actual production.

Now, it's pretty easy to just generate a log. On your Run Profile under Set Log File Options, just select 'Create a log file and stop run. Do not export to data source (test only)' as shown below.

However, the output log file is in XML format. In my opinion, you can't present this to a customer but it's a great format for further processing using Powershell or similar. I chose to create a simple XSLT for formatting the output.

This is not the HTML report to rule them all, but it's a start and you can edit and change the HTML as you like.

For simple transition, use an internet browser. Just edit the FIM export file using Notepad and put this line in as the second line ot make a referral in the XML file to the XSLT file. Remember to change the filename in the HREF tag if you have renamed the XSLT file.

<?xml:stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="ExportLog.xslt" ?>

A little note, if you're using IE9, it will not by default render XSLT's, but you can use the F12 Developer Tools i IE9 to switch to IE9 Compatible Mode or maybe even to IE8 mode - and then maybe - as I did for my customer - just print a XPS to give to the customer.


Anonymous said...

I've been using this approach myself with a couple of different XSLTs I've written ... in particular one which can be used to cut-and-paste into Excel for filter-driven analysis. It was written with W7 audit requirements in mind (when/where/why/what...). If you like I can find somewhere to upload my XSLT and add a cross-link here?

Søren Granfeldt said...

Excellent, Bob. Drop me a line with the link and I'll post the link here.