Friday, May 11, 2012

PowerShell Management Agent updated

A small bug was discovered in the PowerShell Management Agent (MA). The bug was about type casting different attribute types than strings. If you're only flowing attribute values of type string to the MA, you wouldn't have noticed this issue.

However, the issue have been fixed and you could consider updating to the newest version.

You can read more about the PowerShell Management Agent here


Nigel Guest said...

Hi Søren,

I am having problems getting the Powershell MA agent to fire on export. Running FIM 4.0.3573.2 (Update 1 with hotfixes). Using the Granfeldt.PowerShell.ManagementAgent.dll v2.0.4514.37295, I am getting the following error:
The management agent "Test Powershell MA" failed on run profile "Export". The run step stopped because a configured extension for this management agent could not be loaded.

User Action
Verify that the extension is located in the Extensions directory.

I have placed the dll. in the extensions directory and the example .ps1 scripts in the correct MaData folder.

And pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Søren Granfeldt said...

You must be on at least Rollup 2 and have .NET Framework 4.0 installed to use this MA. It should say so in the documentation.

Also, all scripts are run as the FIM Synchronization service account and that account therefore must be able to run PowerShell scripts and read the scripts, incl. the one for the schema.