Thursday, November 15, 2012

PowerShell Management Agent 4 released

I'm very happy to announce that version 4 of the Granfeldt PowerShell Management Agent is available for download.

This new version has support for deltas and can scale very nicely.

This Management Agent has proved to be a regular switch army nice for getting FIM to talk to systems that have no Management Agent. There have been reports from around the globe of people using this Management Agent for managing anything from Office 365 users, Lync users, Exchange mailboxes to DHCP scopes.

I'm very happy to see the 500+ downloads of the previous version here in 2012 and trust that this new version will also reach that number.

The popularity of this Management Agent also mean that I do get a lot of support questions and kind requests for help in constructing the PowerShell scripts for use with this MA. I cannot accommodate everyone, so please do not be surprised if I don't answer your mail with support questions.

As a lot of people around the world are using this MA, I recommend that you direct your questions to the general FIM 2010 forum where a lot of skilled FIM guys and girls are ready to help. I'm also monitoring that forum and will try to answer questions from time to time.

Get the MA and help a good cause/charity in 2012
I'm currently trying to gather a small amount of donations for a good cause/charity here in 2012. So if you're using the PowerShell MA and download the new version, then please do consider making an appropriate donation. By the end of the year, I'll donate the amount collected to a childrens hospital here in my hometown, Odense, Denmark - with appropriate credit to donators.

Finally, I want to thank Kent Nordström and Jason Taylor for their assistance in rooting out any obvious bugs for this release.

So now, go read all about it and get it here. And please help spread the word on Twitter and other appropriate medias.


Unknown said...

The download links seem to be broken for new v4 and v3 FIM PowerShell MAs. Dropbox says file cannot be found or moved. Can you update the links? Looking forward to this new release. Thanks for providing such great FIM resources and information.

Søren Granfeldt said...

Hi, Kurt

Thanks, others have reported trouble with the links. I'll have a look into it.

if you need the PS MA quickly, drop me a line on soren(at)

Keith P said...

Soren I am having a real hard time dereferencing the pscustomobject being fed into the export.ps1 an suggestions