Thursday, July 18, 2013

My talk on the PowerShell Management Agent

Yesterday, I did a short talk and demonstration of my PowerShell Management Agent for FIM 2010 R2. From the comments made during the presentation and in the question round, there seemed to be a lot of interest for the MA.

As I mentioned during the demonstration, I have a new version coming out very soon which will have all the new features that was discussed on the meeting. Should you be interested in a pre-release version, then let me know and I'll get you a download link for the pre-release version (subject to change of course).

If you missed the presentation on the FIM Team user group meeting yesterday, you can view here on YouTube.

Also, there was some interest for the PowerShell scripts used for the demo; if you would like to study these more closely, you can download them here. There was a few questions on the provisioning used for the demo setup, and for those interested in this, take a look at the Codeless Provisioning Framework that I'm maintaining on Codeplex and which was used for the demo setup.

Again, thanks for all the nice words and comments about the presentation and the PowerShell Management Agent. And also, thanks to the FIM Team for this speaking opportunity.

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