Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The PowerShell MA generates another donation

It has been a while since I blogged due to a lot of FIM 2010 engagements and a lot going on in my personal life, such as selling my house, buying a new house and moving cross country. But I'm back.

As you may know, every year around Christmas, I like to make a donation to an organisation that helps people less fortunate. The amount donated varies from year to year, because it depends on the donations made to my software projects.

In 2013, I moved most of my software projects to CodePlex and therefore these projects have not generated donations. However, my PowerShell Management Agent for FIM2010 is still hosted here on my blog and it is still hugely popular. In 2013, it generated approximately USD $250 in donation (perhaps, you are one of the kind donators?) and I opted to double that amount in my company, Goverco.

This resulted in a donation of USD $500 to Dansk Folkehjælp (http://www.folkehjaelp.dk/) and that check, I hope, made Christmas just a little more enjoyable for some people less fortunate.

It is always a pleasure to help and I'm very greatful for any donations made through my blog. Every penny goes directly to helping others and I usually double the amount donated. My software is free, but I'd very much appreciate a donation big or small (every penny counts), if you download and use my software.

Thank you.

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