Wednesday, February 4, 2015

FIM MA Rules framework released

I'm very happy to announce that I have released an initial version of my declarative rules extension framework for FIM2010 R2. It is called FIM.MARE (short for FIM Management Agent Rules Extension).

The framework enables FIM administrators to, declaratively, create advanced flow rules with a wast number of transform functions and even conditions for FIM2010 R2. This framework can be used as a replacement for Synchronization Rules (SR's) or as a supplement to this.

FIM.MARE reads declared flow rules from an XML configuration file , which contains information about the management agent rules available. Also, it allow you to use your old DLL's that you have written for advanced flow rules and have these called by the framework.

The plan is to extend on this framework to make it very versatile. So I'd very much like receive feedback from you for new functions, transforms or similar - and of course if you find any bugs in the code.

You can find the project on CodePlex here -

I want to thank my good colleague, Frederik Leed for sparring with me on this and of course for testing it in real life.

Enjoy the framework - and let me know if it is useful to you...


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