Sunday, April 26, 2015

New version of FIM.MRE in the making. Help needed...

I need your help...

I'm working on a new major version of my Codeless Provisioning Framework for FIM2010, called the FIM Metaverse Rules Extension project that live on CodePlex.

This new version will among other things have new additional conditions and the option to use sub conditions as well. Also, it will have the option for you to help the clutter of rule by allowing you to have more as many rules files as you like and MRE will load rules from them all. Besides this, I'm also optimizing a lot of the code, adding a few more options to initial flow value construction and extending the tracing options. Also, the new version will be the one that I port to use with MIM when that is released.

Now, I would like to maintain backwards compatibility since I know that a lot of you guys and girls out there, make use of FIM.MRE.

So, I have a request....

Could you please send a copy of your rules file (FIM.MRE.xml) to me if you are able to disclose or maybe anonymize it? The reason for this is that I want to check the new version for any issues with backward compatibility for reading the rule files that live outthere in the real FIM world.

I really hope that you'll chip in and support the evolution of the framework. You can mail your rule files to

Thank you,

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