Thursday, July 7, 2016

UNICEF donation

At Christmas last year (in 2015), I asked for donations from those of you that use my free tools, such as the PowerShell Management Agent for FIM/MIM and the FIM.MRE.

I'm so grateful that a lot of you donated. Even after Christmas 2015, the donation kept coming in, so I postponed handing over the check to UNICEF. However, now I haven't registered any donations for a while, so I decided to extend the donation check to UNICEF.

The donations from all of you reached around $450 and I decided that my company would help, so I doubled the donated amount which resulted in a check for DKK 6.000 (approx $1,000) for UNICEF Denmark - and the check was given to UNICEF today.

Thank you so much for chipping in - and please know that your donation will help a lot of less fortunate children across the world.

Thank you so much


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Wart said...

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