Friday, January 18, 2013

First beta release of FIM 2010 workflow library is out

My latest CodePlex project has its first beta release with two FIM 2010 R2 custom workflows, namely the Code Run activity and the Lookup Value activity. I plan to add more of these generic workflows to the project when time allows it.

The last custom workflow, you'll ever need?
Do yourself a favor and have a look at the Code Run activity that is in there, That activity is one that I'm particularly proud of. It allows you to write almost any C# code directly in the workflow and based on parameters passed, your code can run and calculate a return value of any type. The activty can also update a target object with the returned value from the code.

I think this activity is extremely powerful if you put your creativity to work - and I bet that you're going to use the built-in Function Evaluator a lot less when you get your head around this Code Run activity. And it may even replace a lot of the other custom workflows that you have or need. But don't take my word for it - give it a go...

As always, I'm very eager to learn whether you find these workflows valuable and if you have any ideas for improvements or features - so please do let me know.

You can download a version at


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