Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Updated the workflow activity library

I'm pleased to announce that I've just updated the FIM 2010 Granfeldt Workflow Activity Library on CodePlex.

Besides the Lookup Value activity and the awesome Code Run / C# activity (that really could replace the Function Evaluator), this release contains three new workflows -
  1. Create Object
  2. Delete Object
  3. Copy Values
These are three simple but effective workflows that are useful for any FIM 2010 installation. The documentation has completed and you can find more information on the activities here.

I have a few more ideas for some generic workflows and will try to find time to add these to the collection within the nearest future. Also, for this release I really need to thank Kristian Thim who chipped in with a few lines of clever code and juggled my mind to think a little different for some of the activities.

Anyway, you can get to the CodePlex project here.

So download the latest release and let me know if you like it and find it useful?

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